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About Us ...

Halal Products International (Halal National) was established in 1986 out of the necessity to provide Halal meat for the Muslim community in the Central Valley of California. We began in custom slaughterhouses that produced products compliant with strict Islamic rules for Halal slaughter. In 1992, we partnered with Harris Ranch Beef Company and established a Halal beef program at Harris Ranch. Since then, we have been growing and providing for the Halal beef needs of Muslims in California, the United States, and the world.

Our entire Halal slaughter process and certification is approved and licensed by Al-Azhar El-Sharif Mosque in Cairo, Egypt and by the Islamic Service Center of America (ISCA). Halal Products International staff, headed by Amin Attia, oversees and quality controls each step of the Halal beef process at Harris Ranch, from directly hand-slaughtering the beef to certification to sales. By working with, but independently from Harris Ranch, we strive to provide the highest quality, USDA-certified Halal beef on the market today.

What is Halal?

The word Halal is the Arabic Islamic term literally meaning "permissible or lawful." The opposite of "Halal" is "Haram," meaning "not permissible or prohibited." Halal foods comply with Islamic rules on the origin, ingredients, derivatives, and uses of the food, and include meats (beef, lamb, goat), poultry, dairy products, produce, and processed food. Meat is considered Halal only when it complies with Islamic rules of slaughter (zabiha). Halal guidelines dictate that food be free from all alcohol and pork-related products. Also, foods must be ensured to be safe for human consumption in order to be considered Halal. Just as those of the Jewish faith adhere to Kosher laws, Muslims adhere to Halal laws when consuming food.

For more information please call Amin Attia at 877.GO.HALAL or 877.464-2525

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